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The South Talladega County Association for Retarded Citizens (The A.R.C.) was formed by a group of concerned citizens.
The initial role of The A.R.C. was that of advocacy.


The A.R.C. provided matching funds, $12,500.00 to Cheaha Mental Health Center (CHMC) to operate this program.
A fund raiser, Sunshine Saturday, began as a means of raising the matching funds for this program.  Sunshine Saturday became a tradition in Sylacauga.


The A.R.C. started a 3-day a week adult program.  This program concentrated on crafts, recreation  and self-help activities.  It was run by volunteers
The A.R.C. began receiving funds from The City of Sylacauga.


The adult program became a work/activity center and was certified by the Department of Labor as a sheltered workshop.


The A.R.C. began receiving funds from the Special Education Trust Fund.


The A.R.C. began receiving an annual allocation of $25,000.00 from the county Tobacco Tax.


A Federal Transit Grant, Section 16, was submitted and we were awarded a 21-passenger, handicapped accessible bus. 


The CDBG, $250,000.00, was awarded to The City for the sole purpose of constructing a new Arc facility
The Arc applied for its second Federal Transit Grant for a 15-passenger bus.


We moved into our new building in June.


A Fund Raising Coordinator was hired.


We celebrated our 25th and final Sunshine Saturday.


The Arc partnered with VSA Arts of Alabama to establish an art program.


The first ArtPartners Live  Auction was held in October.  This event showcased collaborative artwork created by an Arc emerging artist and a local artist.


The Arc received the state Alex Ziring Award for innovation programming and Membership Award for Region V.


State Membership Award for Region V.
The inclusive performance of The Wizard of Oz by The Arc Actors.  This was a dinner theatre performance that was attended by 250 individuals.  The event was held at The First Baptist Church Christian Life Center.


The 10th Annual ArtPartners Live Auction held at The Comer Museum.

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